Both #3 Baylor and #5 Oregon Lose as #1 Alabama and #2 Florida State Continue Winning En Route to the BCS Championship Game

Two upsets took center stage in college football’s 13th week: #3 Baylor suffered its first loss at #11 Oklahoma State, 49-17, and #5 Oregon’s season continued to crash down at Arizona as the unranked Wildcats ran all over the Ducks, 42-16.

Baylor (9-1), favored by –9.5 on-the-road lost by 32 points to the Cowboys, and Oregon (9-2), favored by –20.5 on-the-road lost by 26. Oklahoma State is 10-1 and Arizona is 7-4.

Oklahoma State’s QB Clint Chelf passed for a career-high 370 yards and accounted for 4 touchdowns as Baylor gave up 440 passing yards and 154 rushing yards. Arizona’s Ka’Deem Carey ran for 206 yards and 4 touchdowns against Oregon as the Ducks gave up 304 rushing yards and looked, well, dazed and confused.

Alabama leads the BCS Standings with Florida State #2 and Ohio State #3 and going nowhere 1,000 miles-an-hour. The Buckeyes win big but haven’t played enough good teams to impress. Should Alabama and Florida State win out, they will be in the BCS championship game.

So here is what the rest of the 13th week looks like:

Two strong victories by ranked teams over another ranked opponent by at least 14 points, and nine other strong victories by ranked teams over unranked opponents by at least 21 points.

+49 #1 Alabama (11-0) over unranked, AA Chattanooga (8-4), 49-0

+66 #2 Florida State (11-0) over unranked Idaho (1-10), 80-14

+28 #4 Ohio State (11-0) over unranked Indiana (4-7), 42-14

+46 #7 Clemson (10-1) over unranked, AA The Citadel (5-7), 52-6

+14 #8 Missouri (10-1) over #24 Old Miss (7-4), 24-10

+50 #10 Stanford (9-2) over unranked California (1-11), 63-13

+60 #12 South Carolina (9-2) over unranked, AA Coastal Carolina (10-2), 70-10

+24 #13 Michigan State (10-1) over unranked Northwestern (4-7), 30-6

+41 #15 Fresno State (10-0) over unranked New Mexico (3-8), 69-28

+24 #17 Central Florida (9-1) over unranked Rutgers (5-5), 41-17

+24 #18 LSU (8-3) easily handled #9 Texas A&M (8-3), 34-10, in a game that was not an upset despite the rankings. LSU was favored at home by –4.5 and won by 24. That fans, is not an upset, that is simply a way over-ranked Texas A&M team taking its rightful place in the Top 25 at #19 this week; LSU was bumped up from #18 to #15.

Ranked East Coast teams such as Alabama, Clemson and South Carolina have a penchant for playing weaker, AA teams late in the season to pump up their players and statistics to try and get a better bowl bid. This is a crime against good football at the wrong time of the year.

Seven lame victories by ranked teams who could not beat unranked teams by at least 21 points, or ranked opponents by at least 14 points:

+13 #16 Wisconsin (9-2) slipped past unranked Minnesota (8-3), 20-7. It was hardly a convincing win, but the Golden Gophers have decided not to be a traditional doormat in the Big Ten.

+5 #19 Arizona State (9-2) on-the-road whips #14 UCLA (8-3), 38-33, in another game that was not an upset as the Sun Devils were favored by –2.5 and won by 5. The bloom is off UCLA, and it’s hello reality time.

+18 #20 Northern Illinois (11-0) took down unranked Toledo, 35-17. Toledo led at the half, 10-7, but lost the 2nd half, 28-7. Northern Illinois strength of schedule (SOS) is 110th. Another unbeaten team, Fresno State at 10-0, has a SOS of 125. Yikes, there are only 124 major college teams.

+7 #21 Louisville (10-1) at home led 24-3 after 3 quarters and won by 24-17 against an unranked, weak, 3-7 Memphis team. This is a really poor win for a Top 25 team. There is no way on God’s green Earth that Louisville could have gone unbeaten this year because the Cardinals SOS has been absolute crap (118th easiest).

+7  #25 Duke (9-2) beat unranked Wake Forest (4-7), 28-21. At least Duke (SOS 69th) has played better teams than Louisville, but still, not an impressive win.

+10  #22 Oklahoma (9-2) gave up 31 points before downing unranked, bowl-eligible Kansas State (6-5), 41-31.

+18  #23 Southern California (9-3) traveled to Colorado (4-7) and beat the Buffaloes, 47-29. Giving up 29 points to a 4-7 team does not say much about how good the Trojan defense stacks up. 

In the No-Defense Game of the Week, it was a toss-up between Wyoming and Navy.

Wyoming (5-6) outlasted Hawaii (0-11), 59-56 (115 total points) in overtime. You could say that the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors have no defense, but some heart for not quitting on offense.

Navy (7-4) had to go from mean to just plain ugly in triple overtime to nip San Jose State (5-6), 58-52 (110 total points). Some pundits thought that the San Jose State Spartans had started to smell the French fries one step too soon.  

In the Losers Game of the Week, hat’s off to Connecticut Huskies (1-9), who won their first game of the season, traveling to Temple and beating the Owls (1-10), 28-21.

Another tip of the hat goes to Mike Leach as his Washington State Cougars (6-5) at home beat Utah (4-7), 49-37, to become bowl-eligible. Leach does not have a lot of defense going on, but Washington State has played the 4th toughest schedule so far.

Another victory of note was Washington’s (7-4) on-the-road hammering of Oregon State (6-5), 69-27. The Huskies, who do not have a good road record, led 48-zip after 3 quarters, and then dumped in a lot of reserves who lost the last quarter, 27-21. Both teams entered the game at 6-4.

For the record, only one other team at 6-5 (Kansas State) is rated higher than Washington State by Sagarin. K-State is 27th nationally, and Washington State 30th.

Washington remains the best 7-4 team in the country, rated 11th nationally by Sagarin. In fact, Washington is rated higher by the independent Sagarin ratings than LSU, Clemson, UCLA, Michigan State, Auburn, Southern California, South Carolina, Arizona, Georgia, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Louisville, Notre Dame, Texas, Northern Illinois and Fresno State.

Two unranked 9-win teams racked up victories—Cincinnati and East Carolina (both 9-2). Three unranked 8-win teams added another win—Bowling Green and Buffalo (both 8-3) lead the East Division of the Mid-American Conference—and Rice (8-3) leads the West Division of Conference USA.

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