College Football’s Least Exciting Week Had Only One Superb Effort: The #3 Florida State Seminoles Whipping #7 Miami, 41-14

There were no major upsets or even minor upsets in college football’s 10th week of play, making it the least exciting weekend of the season.

Only one game was of real significance. The #3 Florida State Seminoles at home charged around, over and through the #7 Miami Hurricanes to win in a sprint, 41-14. Miami had some speed, but Florida State had even more speed as its 27-point victory margin testifies.

The traditional thug game of the year was quiet until the 3rd quarter when they mixed it up in a skirmish, and then the Siminoles went on a 20 to zip run in the 2nd half, holding Miami scoreless while handing the Hurricanes their first loss of the season.

Florida State’s win over such a highly-ranked opponent vaulted them to a runner-up spot in the BCS Standings, a mere six-ten thousandth of a point ahead of the Oregon Ducks, 0.9427 to 0.9421.

A distance and very lame 4th in the BCS running is Ohio State at 9-0. Alabama, Florida State and Oregon are all 8-0. Because of the Buckeyes weak schedule in the weak Big Ten Conference, Ohio State does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of playing in the national championship game. That’s totally fair.

This, despite the fact that the Buckeyes extended their winning streak to 21, the longest in the nation. Heck, Ohio State has not lost in the last 22 months under new Head Coach Urban Meyer, whose last gig with the Florida Gators netted a 65-15 record (81%) and national championships in 2006 and 2008.

Should Alabama win out, there is no question the Crimson Tide will be able to compete for a 3rd straight national title and 4th in 5 years. Should Florida State and Oregon win out, the only question is who will face Alabama?

At this stage of the season, Alabama and Florida State for the national title would be great, with Oregon and Ohio State as the next best BCS game.

So here is what a boring week looks like:

Three strong victories by ranked teams over ranked opponents by at least 14 points, and seven other strong victories by ranked teams over unranked opponents by at least 21 points.

+27 #3 Florida State (8-0) over the #7 Miami Hurricanes (7-1), 41-14

+56 #4 Ohio State (9-0) over unranked Purdue (1-7), 56-0

+49 #9 Clemson (8-1) over unranked Virginia (2-7), 59-10

+28 #10 Missouri (8-1) over unranked Tennessee (4-5), 31-3

+50 #12 Texas A&M (7-2) over unranked Texas-El Paso (1-7), 57-7

+22 #17 UCLA (6-2) over unranked Colorado (3-5), 45-23

+18 #18 Oklahoma State (7-1) over #15 Texas Tech (7-2), 52-34

+44 #21 Northern Illinois (9-0) over unranked Massachusetts (1-8), 63-19

+23 #24 Michigan State (8-1) over #23 Michigan (6-2), 29-6

+34  #25 Arizona State (6-2) over unranked Washington State (4-5), 55-21
Four lame victories by ranked teams who could not beat unranked teams by at least 21 points:

+18 #8 Auburn (8-1) over unranked Arkansas (3-6), 35-17

+18 #14 South Carolina (7-2) over unranked Mississippi State (4-4), 34-16

+18 #16 Fresno State (8-0) over unranked Nevada (3-6), 41-23

+19 #22 Wisconsin (6-2) over unranked Iowa (5-4), 28-9

So why was it such a boring week of college football? Well, #1 Alabama, #2 Oregon, #5 Baylor, #6 Stanford, #13 Oklahoma, #11 LSU, #13 Oklahoma, #19 Central Florida and #20 Louisville all had bye weeks so there was a lot less chance for upsets.

You could say that Oklahoma State’s victory over Texas Tech was a big deal.  To me, both of these teams are at best tepid, and neither plays defense. Both teams concentrate on outscoring their opponent.

Oklahoma State is 3rd nationally in scoring offense and 28th in scoring defense. Texas Tech is 20th in scoring offense and 50th in scoring defense. What did you expect? Oklahoma State could kick Texas Tech’s butt to Mississippi and back 9 times out of 10, and did.

A case could be made that Michigan State’s 29-6 win over Michigan was a big deal. It wasn’t. The Spartans scoring defense is 3rd nationally and the Wolverines is 68th. Again, what did you expect?

To add insult to injury, Michigan State’s win over Michigan was the most lopsided since 1967. The Spartans held Michigan to a MINUS 48 yards rushing, the worst output in the Wolverines history.

It was exactly what the overrated Michigan team deserved, not that the Spartans are that much better, because they are not. They lost to Notre Dame in a game they should have won, and that is NOTHING to brag about because Notre Dame is a lot worse than its 7-2 mark. Heck, the Fighting Irish just beat a 4-4 Navy team 38-34—talk about a lame Michigan defense.

This week reminds me of why Jameson came to be in Ireland, to drown out a really bad week at work. To me 3 best friends—Murphy, Kelly and Sullivan–raise ‘em high, tomorrow will be a new week!

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