Get Ready for the Return of Ed Bagley Posting

I know it has been a long time between posts. I was busy making money. Can you blame me? In this recession economy, when you have a chance to get ahead, you need to get with it, and I did.

What is bringing me out of the woodwork is not the upcoming Presidential election. Following the campaign trail is like eating food–it goes in one end and comes out other, then is flushed, and life goes on.

There are not many life forms lower than our politicians in Congress, and elections just remind us of how self-centered they all are. They are pretty much all pigs who spend so much time slopping around in the same trough that you cannot tell their difference. To be frank, there is no difference–they are far more interested in improving their own lot than improving ours.

No, politics is crap, literally. What brings me back to blogging is football–now that is a contest worth watching. With college football just around the corner, I will be back big time, covering the NCAA action every week on this blog and on Ed Bagley’s College Football at:

My first post will be about identifying the surprise teams to watch this season, and, of course, some comments on the first AP Top 25 Poll.

Stay vigilant for the kickoff. It will be worth you time, especially if you bet on the games.


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