Only 15 Major College Football Teams Remain Unbeaten After 6 Weeks of Play

After 6 weeks of the major college football season, only 15 teams remain unbeaten among the 120 Division 1-A schools. They include:

Alabama (5-0), South Carolina (6-0), Oregon (6-0), Notre Dame (5-0), Florida (5-0), Kansas State (5-0), Ohio State (6-0), West Virginia (5-0), Oregon State (4-0), Cincinnati (4-0), Mississippi State (5-0), Rutgers (5-0), Louisiana Tech (5-0), Louisville (5-0) and Ohio (6-0). Texas-San Antonio (5-0) is undefeated at the moment, but is reclassifying from 1-AA to 1-A this year and will not be a full 1-A member until next year.

The majority of these 15 teams will suffer a loss within the next 4 weeks. While it could happen any week, this week the odds are not as good since there is not a single AP Top 25 team that is unbeaten who will be playing an opponent who is still unbeaten.

At most risk is the #6 Kansas State Wildcats who must travel to Iowa State (4-1), the #7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish who host #17 Stanford (4-1), the #5 West Virginia Mountaineers who travel to Texas Tech (4-1), the #3 South Carolina Gamecocks who travel to #9 LSU (5-1), and the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs who host #22 Texas A&M (4-1).

Of the 15 unbeaten teams, only 6 still have any shot at playing in the national title game.

Four the teams have great defenses. Alabama is tops because the Crimson Tide are currently ranked #1 in scoring defense and #1 in total defense.  Notre Dame is #2 in scoring defense and #13 in total defense. South Carolina is #4 in scoring defense and #11 in total defense. Florida is #6 in scoring defense and #12 in total defense.

This is really important because defense wins titles and championships.

Of these 4, Alabama is also #17 scoring offense, South Carolina is #32, Notre Dame is #61, and Florida #68. Both Notre Dame and Florida are middle-of-the-packers on offense.

That said, these 4 teams are the ones to watch like a hawk.

Two others could possibly contend. Oregon is a scoring machine (#4 in scoring offense) but #31 in scoring defense. Kansas State is #11 in scoring offense, and #16 in scoring defense (not too shabby at all, but K-State does not play a lot of good teams).

A lot of pundits are huge on West Virginia’s #5 scoring offense, but the Mountaineers are an incredibly lousy #102 in scoring defense, which is why they win games against ranked teams by such stupid scores 70-63 and 48-45.

West Virginia does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of playing for the national title; they Mountaineers are going to get their butt handed to them real soon because of their crappy defense. It’s going to feel like getting hit by a Mack truck on the way to practice.

The two most interesting games this week are South Carolina at LSU and Stanford at Notre Dame. Have a great weekend and don’t drive home drunk, call a cab if you must, it’s way cheaper than a DUI ticket.

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