Six Unbeaten, AP Top Teams Clash This Week – 3 Will Rise in the Poll and 3 Will Fall in College Football’s 3rd Week

Now the fireworks show starts. No less than 6 AP Top 25 teams clash in 3 key contests this week to celebrate the 3rd week of major college football. All 6 teams are undefeated at the moment; 3 will be less so when the weekend action is over.

All 6 teams–#2 Southern California, #10 Michigan State, #18 Florida, #20 Notre Dame, #21 Stanford and #23 Tennessee –are also 2-0.

Southern Cal travels to Stanford in the Pac-10, Michigan State hosts Notre Dame in a non-conference battle, and Florida travels to Tennessee in the SEC.

Another interesting game on tap is Arizona State (2-0) at Missouri (1-1).

Last week saw 4 Top 25 teams lose to unranked teams. They included #8 Arkansas losing to LA-Monroe 34-31, #13 Wisconsin falling to Oregon State 10-7, Nebraska getting beat by UCLA 36-30, and #18 Oklahoma State getting whipped by Arizona 59-38.

Rather than dink around with these supposedly “top teams”, AP voters (sportswriters and broadcasters) unceremoniously kicked them right out of the Top 25. They were replaced by #22 UCLA, #23 Tennessee, #24 Arizona and #25 Brigham Young. Good for the voters.

Had the ranked teams been beaten by other ranked teams, they would have fallen in rank, but all would have probably stayed in the poll. 

So there you have it. Get the wine and cheese for the San Francisco and like-minded California fans, it’s time for the kickoff of Week #3.

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