Strike Up the Band, I’m Back to Blogging, Just in Time for St. Patrick’s Day!

‘Tis been a cruel time for this Irishman, looking at empty shot glasses and waiting with disciplined excitement for the birth of the new Ed Bagley’s Blog re-design.

Well, by gosh and by gorah, it’s over. Welcome to my new-look website with its RSS feed and no frames pages (ả la FrontPage 2003). I hope you love it as much as I do, but if you don’t, not to worry, I have enough love for both of us.

If you are not Irish and you be wonderin’, by gosh and by gorah means “by God, and all that is holy” (it is a personal exclamation of truth).

The re-do was necessary because I created the original in September 2006 by using FrontPage 2003, which has a frames page construction that search engines avoid like the plague.

Up till now, I have had up to 123 articles on the same page on the old, frames page site. What a mess. I had to put up a warning to visitors that if they sought to print out an article on that page, it would print out at least 500 pages because my articles can run long. I make Hemingway look like a miser with my long sentences. No more.

I raise a solid shot of Jameson in honor of Ash Wakeman, who designed this gem with its green presence, and Tucker Rz, who created the caricature that makes it even better.

Ash chose WordPress to map out my future, and used a Weaver theme as the template. That Ash, she is something.

I never made it into the search engines with the old site because of its construction, nevertheless, the old site at its height drew more than 5 million looks (5,005,697) in the 11 months from February through December 2009, and a year later had more than 66,000 backlinks. It never did me a bit of good because search engines ignored my site.

You can catch up with my first 971 original articles on 54 different subjects by heading over to my archives site at There are also 482 guest articles on the old site, making a total of 1,453. This is a good place to go, especially if you are in traction in the hospital. There are even 66 articles of humor to tickle your funny bone.

I stopped writing articles in earnest about a year ago, after I got into a pissing contest with EzineArticles, a place where the last time I checked I had 588 articles published that have generated 373,000+ views on their site.

I will not bore you with the tawdry details of why I got so upset with them. Suffice to say that the brain trust over there is so full of themselves it’s a wonder they can sleep at night. I surmise that they must lie awake trying to figure out to aggravate the hell out of their writers.

But enough about the past, I am back to rockin’ and rollin’ on my new site. It’s a new day. Bus Riley’s Back in Town, only this time he’s not a sailor, but an Irishman who is 2 days from putting down shots at O’Blarney’s Irish Pub.

Do not get excited about my intended liquor timeout. I will re-surface in time to cover the March Madness and a whole lot more.

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