Ten AP Top 25 Teams Clash This Week, Any of 8 Unbeaten Teams Could Suffer Their First Loss, and National Title Hopes

The AA “Cupcake Games” are over and now we will see who has what it takes to get into the hunt for the national title. No less than 10 AP Top 25 teams clash in 5 key contests this weekend to celebrate the 6th week of major college football.

This Saturday’s lineup includes #2 Oregon (5-0), #4 LSU (5-0), #5 Georgia (5-0), #6 South Carolina (5-0), #8 West Virginia (4-0), #10 Florida (4-0), #11 Texas (4-0), #12 Ohio State (5-0), #21 Nebraska (4-1), and #23 Washington (3-1).  

The 10 ranked teams have a combined record of 44-2 (96% rounded), 8 of them are unbeaten, and at least 3 of them will face their first loss.

The best match-up has #5 Georgia traveling to #6 South Carolina in an SEC clash, and #4 LSU traveling to #10 Florida in another SEC league test.

The key Big 12 game has #8 West Virginia traveling to #11 Texas. In the Big Ten, #12 Ohio State hosts #21 Nebraska, and in the Pac 12, #2 Oregon hosts #23 Washington. The Washington Huskies snuck into the Top 25 last week by upsetting then #8 Stanford.

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